Attention!! Click Icons For Some of Panels!!! They are set as click not Mouseover

Iconic Sticky Panel has been developed by Joomlatema.Net and enables you to publish little icons on left or right side of your page refer to Joomla Modules .

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  • Joomla 2.5.x - 3.x -4.x and 5.x Compatible
  • Publish unlimited icons refer to Joomla Modules
  • Publish your Your Text or Joomla Modules
  • Left-Right Panel Positions
  • Display Options like background color,border color etc.
  • SidePanel Width (px)
  • SidePanel Top Position 
  • Distance to Top or Bottom   
  • Panel Background Color   
  • Panel Border Radius
  • Panel Border Color
  • Panel Border Width (Px)   
  • Padding   
  • SidePanel Position   
  • Icon Width (px)   
  • Icon Height (px)   
  • SidePanel Show On 
  • Select Image for Icons  
  • Enter Alt Title for Icons