MansetHaber JT2 is an extension to display your news with images from all your category or categories at the headline of your page.


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  • News Link and Content Options
  • Unlimited Categories and subcategories
  • Change Background color, link color etc. and a lot of display settings
  • Heading and Description Text, image-resize option for articles
  • Link to all articles of Category
  • 4 Layout Options
  • Show / Hide Titles and Title Color
  • News Content Color
  • Show - Hide Readon
  • Readon Color, Readon Position (Left, Right)
  • Title and Text Align property (Left, Right, Center, justify)
  • Module Width
  • News Content Height Option
  • Links Block Position (Top and Bottom)
  • Links Block Background, News Block Background, Links Hover Background
  • Links Color, Links Color Hover
  • Number of Items
  • Width of Thumbnail, Height of Thumbnail
  • Link images
  • Autorun, Delay Time
  • Limit Introtext Length
  • Event type Mouseover or Click
  • Order News By Recently Added, Recently Modified, Joomla Ordering
  • Show / Hide More In and Position More in text (Left, Right)
  • Sort Order

MansetHaber JT2 Demo 5

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