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Carousel JT1 Readmore off- image border on- autoanimation on- Intro off

Carousel JT1 Readmore off- image border on- autoanimation off- Intro on -bullets off

Joomla 2.5 Joomla 3.0







  • Support Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x Native
  • Show your joomla content and images
  • Ordering options: order by joomla articles ordering, by creation date, by modified date
  • Ability to use articles from joomla content categories multi-categories mode
  • Show Panel info and bullets at the bottom
  • Change thumbnail's width, height and border color
  • Limit Description Text, Limit Title and limit type options
  • Support content images with resize, link and float option (Left-Right-None)
  • Ability to show / hide and position Read More and change with your own readmore text
  • Show/Hide Navigation Buttons and 15 arrow set for buutons
  • All front end elements easily customizable with CSS and backend settings
  • Amount to be scrolled and Autorun Option
  • Ability to show / hide More in text and change with your own
  • Display Options like Background color, Title color, Readon color etc.